Maryland to Hardwar Gap


Turning left at the Cooperage onto the B1 leads up a series of some 360-plus hairpin turns that can leave unaccustomed passengers a bit nauseated. The windy road first passes through the lower hills and valleys of Maryland before reaching the principal hamlet along the route, Irish Town. Irish Town has as its centerpiece St. Mark's Chapel, a quaint little church reached by taking a 15-minute walk along a footpath.


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Europe In The Summer (EITS) Cafe, run by Robyn Fox and located at Mount Edge Guesthouse, serves up a creative mix of home grown vegetables produced in situ on the family's farm, coupled with meat and seafood dishes whose ingredients are procured in Kingston a couple thousand feet below. While the service can be hit-or-miss and the value for your dollar at times questionable, the restaurant does an admirable job of staying true to the land, notwithstanding the occasional worm in your lettuce. But don't panic, it's organic!

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Belcour Lodge

Belcour Lodge (10 minutes from Papine in Maryland, reservation required) is a beautiful private, colonial-era home set in a lovely river valley amid expansive gardens. Robin and Michael Lumsden offer Culinary Tours that include a stroll around the yard. Visitors will find an apiary with 50 colonies, a citrus orchard, and an abundance of other fruit trees. Robin and Mike markets Belcour Blue Mountain Honey, as well as Belcour fruit preserves, chutneys and spicy pepper sauces, produced on a cottage-industry scale from all natural, local ingredients.

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Cafè Blue

Cafè Blue serves Blue Mountain Coffee and pastries and retails local sauces, candles, and soaps. Cafè Blue is owned by the Sharps, who own roaster and distributor Coffee Traders and offer tours of their farm, Clifton Mount.

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Crystal Edge

Crystal Edge, located next door to Café Blue just below Irish Town, serves good Jamaican dishes at affordable Jamaican prices.

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