Mavis Bank and Blue Mt. Peak


Mavis Bank is a sleepy village nestled in a river valley in the shadow of Blue Mountain Peak. Its principal economic foundation for the past century has been the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, which keeps many of the area's residents employed. The area is a good base for exploring the upper reaches of the Blue Mountains and for birding.

A few homey accommodation options around Mavis Bank offer visitors a chance to prepare in relative comfort for the trek up Blue Mountain Peak, which requires a somewhat grueling four-wheel-drive journey to the trailhead at Abbey Green, or alternatively, a two-hour hike.


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Blue Ridge Restaurant & Cottages

Blue Ridge Restaurant & Cottages offers three cottages on a bed & breakfast basis. Dragonfly Cottage (USD 110) sleeps two on a full size bed, with private bathroom and balcony. Peacock Cottage (US$145) sleeps two with a king bed and private bath with hot water and a private balcony.Butterfly Cottage (US$160) sleeps four with a king bed and a pull-out sofa bed in the living room. It too has a private bathroom with hot water and a balcony. Soap, shampoo and moisturizer are provided.

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Lime Tree Farm

Experience the Blue Mountains in style with direct views of the tallest peaks

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Forres Park

Forres Park Guest House and Spa (US$75-220) is the best option for bird-watchers and hikers, especially for groups looking to stay in the immediate vicinity of Mavis Bank. A two-story main house and four cabins are surrounded by a small coffee farm that attracts many endemic and migratory bird species. The large veranda is a great vantage point, as all three of Jamaica’s hummingbirds--vervain, Jamaica mango, and streamertail--frequent the bushes all around the chalet-style main house.

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Portland Gap

Portland Gap has six wooden cabins, lead-tos and camp sites. One cabin one has six bunks sleeping 12, at US$27/night; the second cabin has nine bunks, sleeping 18, for US$40/night; Cabins 3-6 are unenclosed with no beds but space for up to 15 people to on the floor. Foam sleeping mats can be rented for US$1 per night, but hikers should carry their own sleeping bags. Pit toilets and fire pits are available. A US$1 user fee is assessed at the ranger station or when booking the cabins.

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