Mavis Bank and Blue Mt. Peak


Mavis Bank is a sleepy village nestled in a river valley in the shadow of Blue Mountain Peak. Its principal economic foundation for the past century has been the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, which keeps many of the area's residents employed. The area is a good base for exploring the upper reaches of the Blue Mountains and for birding.

A few homey accommodation options around Mavis Bank offer visitors a chance to prepare in relative comfort for the trek up Blue Mountain Peak, which requires a somewhat grueling four-wheel-drive journey to the trailhead at Abbey Green, or alternatively, a two-hour hike.


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Karen’s Container Bar

Mavis Bank is not the place to go for culinary delights or nightlife of any kind. Nonetheless, Karen’s Container Bar around the corner from Forres Park is open whenever there are customers to serve.

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Karen’s One Stop

Karen’s One Stop (US$510), located just past the hairpin turn to the left, is the only place around to get Jamaican staples like fried or BBQ chicken, fish, calalloo, and rice ’n’ peas cooked to order any time of day. Karen also sells basic foodstuffs to area residents.

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Yatte Man

Yatte Man, or Blane "Smaker" Walker (10 a.m.8 p.m Sun.Fri.), a once up-and-coming boxer, sells delicious homemade fish, chicken, and ital (vegetarian) patties (US$1) from one of the stalls about three quarters of the way through the main drag on the left, before the road begins to rise again toward Newcastle. Look out for the Star of David painted on the stall and a display case filled with patties.

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