Negril has become Jamaica's foremost beach town, evolving over the past decade along with the changing nature of the tourists who come to bask in the sun and adopt the island's pace. Today, world-class restaurants and lodging provide an alternative to the low-key guesthouses and seafood stalls that became the norm during Negril's transition from fishing village to tourist boomtown in the 1970s. What was once Jamaica's secret paradise is today the heart of the island's diversified tourist economy.


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Negril Craft Market

Negril Crafts Market (betwen the Negril Beach park and the river) has a wide variety of crafts, some better and more authentic than others. Sadly, an increasing production of the products on sale are made in china rather than locally produced.

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Bongo Johnson

Bongo Johnson makes beautiful art sculptures, which can be seen by special arrangement. Johnson's delicate lignum vitae sculptures are on exhibit at the National Gallery in Kingston. He could be convinced to sell a piece if the price is right.

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Branzo Wood Sculptures

Abdel, a.k.a. Branzo can be found in his One Stop Branzo Wood Sculptures shop on the beachfront at Wavz Entertainment Centre (8 a.m.-8 p.m daily). Branzo is one of the most talented wood carvers around and also sells the work of several other woodworkers in his beachside shop.

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Natural Vibes Souvenir Shop

Natural Vibes Souvenir Shop (8 a.m.-7 p.m daily) has been run by Haresh "Hassle Free Harry" Pahilwani since 2004 and is known for hassle-free shopping for Cuban cigars, Jamaica T-shirts and sweats, sandals, sunglasses, Rasta hats, and smoking paraphernalia.

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Errol Allen

Errol Allen is a talented local artist who makes unique silhouette sculptures and oil paintings. Allen's sculptures can be seen on the grounds of Whistling Bird.

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Mary Wonson's Flower Hill Oil and Soap Company

Mary Wonson's Flower Hill Oil and Soap Company produces natural products like lip balms, soaps, rejuvenating oils, and restorative hair oil from extra virgin coconut oil. Contact Nordia Hill to see which retailers in the area are currently carrying the products or to place a direct order.

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