Negril has become Jamaica's foremost beach town, evolving over the past decade along with the changing nature of the tourists who come to bask in the sun and adopt the island's pace. Today, world-class restaurants and lodging provide an alternative to the low-key guesthouses and seafood stalls that became the norm during Negril's transition from fishing village to tourist boomtown in the 1970s. What was once Jamaica's secret paradise is today the heart of the island's diversified tourist economy.


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Negril Aerodome

Negril's Aerodrome can accommodate small private aircraft and charters. The only operator in Jamaica currently offering charter flights to Negril is interCaribbean Airways which will take passengers in from Kingston and Montego Bay. Charter fares run around US$2,000 per hour, with any single flight around the island not lasting more than an hour, and as little as 15 minutes, depending on point of origin and destination.

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Happy World Bike/Car Rental

Happy World Bike/Car Rental (open 8am-6pm daily) rents Toyota Corolla (US$105/day incl. tax), Suzuki Vitara (US$152) and a BMW X5 (US$2210) vehicles (deposit US$1500)
and Suzuki mopeds and Yamaha dirt bikes (US$41 daily, US$300 deposit).

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Speng Bike Rental

Speng Bike Rental (across from Jungle next to Westlea Cabins) rents scooters (US$40) and dirt bikes (US$50), negotiable for multiple-day rental. Proprietor Tony Hilton also does airport transfers (US$60), as well as private tours.

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Jah B's Bike Rentals

Jah B's Bike Rentals (8 a.m.\6 p.m daily) rents 125cc Honda and Suzuki Scooters (US$35) and a 60cc Honda Shadow (US$50). The sign on the road says JB Bike Rental.

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Tykes Bike Rental

Tykes Bike Rental (8 a.m.\6 p.m daily) rents 125cc scooters (US$45) and 175cc dirt bikes (US$50).

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Island Cruiser Rentals

Island Cruiser Rentals  rents a selection of brightly colored cruising vehicles for US$50 per day or US$325 per week.

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Negril Treehouse

Negril Treehouse has a water sports center managed by Ron Mirey, which offers parasailing (US$40), Jet Skis (US$50/half hour) and fishing trips (US$150 up to four people).

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interCaribbean Airways

interCaribbean Airways began offering regular service between Kingston and Montego Bay in early 2014. The airline is based out of Turks & Caicos operating turbo prop planes between Providenciales, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Charters are also offered.

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