Negril has become Jamaica's foremost beach town, evolving over the past decade along with the changing nature of the tourists who come to bask in the sun and adopt the island's pace. Today, world-class restaurants and lodging provide an alternative to the low-key guesthouses and seafood stalls that became the norm during Negril's transition from fishing village to tourist boomtown in the 1970s. What was once Jamaica's secret paradise is today the heart of the island's diversified tourist economy.


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Rick's Cafe

Rick's Cafe (noon-10 p.m daily, US$18-28) is a moneymaker that has other business owners in Negril envious. It's worth stopping by for a look at the immense crowd that is bussed in each evening, making it one of Negril's most successful commercial ventures. The property was renovated in the recent past after a large chunk of cliff fell into the sea during a hurricane. A huge boom was erected for a rope swing, and there are plenty of platforms to jump off for all levels of adrenaline junkies.

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The Sands

The Sands (4 p.m.-sunset) is the best place to experience the West End's cliffs away from the gawking crowds that convene at Rick's each evening. It is a great bar, right next to the nicest and most secluded villa at Negril's top resort, and therefore a great way to experience The Caves' vibe if you can't stay there. There is a challenging-enough spot to jump into the water approximately 12 meters below--with the best view of Negril's lighthouse right next door.

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The Jungle

The Jungle is Negril's only off-the-water club, located in an old bank toward the middle of the beach on the morass side of Norman Manley Boulevard. It has regular theme nights throughout the week, as well as special events, normally held on weekends. Ladies' Night on Thursdays gets packed, and Saturdays generally see a good crowd dancing well into the morning. The Amazon Lounge at Jungle is open daily (4 p.m to midnight).

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Bourbon Beach

Bourbon Beach took over from Debuss and is owned by four brothers and two sisters and managed by Jimmy Morrell. Monday Reggae Magic features internationally known acts like Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, and Yellowman, who are all regulars. Bourbon Thursdays features young and up-and-coming reggae acts and some of the more obscure local acts, and Saturdays Live on the Beach are usually reserved for a live local act, like Vybz Kartel or vintage artist like Ken Booth and The Mighty Diamonds.

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Margaritaville has been headquarters for spring break activities for a number of years and is one of the most successful bar chains on the island. Villa Negril, as the Negril branch is called, is a more laid-back version of the Jimmy Buffet franchise than its Mobay or Ochi counterparts. When it isn't peak party season, it's mostly known for its giveaways and beach parties on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the early evening. Margaritaville is one of the venues frequently used for the Absolute Temptation Isle (ATI) events around Emancipation weekend.

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Alfred's Ocean Palace

Alfred's Ocean Palace has been in operation since 1982. Jamaican and international cuisine with chicken, shrimp, and fish dishes (US$10\15) is served 8 a.m.\10:30 p.m daily in high season; the kitchen closes at 9 p.m in the low season. Alfred's also has eight double- and triple-occupancy rooms (US$40\50). Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays are Live Reggae Beach Party nights, which typically feature local acts (US$4) with occasional big-name international acts like Toots and Capleton (US$10\15).

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Jamaica Tamboo

Jamaica Tamboo is perhaps best known as the location for some of the parties during ATI weekend around Independence Day. Occasional events are held at other times throughout the year as well, while it functions day-to-day as a restaurant and sports bar. The beachfront property has basic rooms and wireless Internet at a good value (US$60).

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MX3 has been functioning as a party lawn since 1990 where occasional plays, stage shows and boxing matches are held. The annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash is the most popular and renown event hosted at MX3.

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Sexy Rexy Sunset Cliff

Sexy Rexy Sunset Cliff  (10 a.m.\6 a.m.daily) serves Jamaican and vegetarian dishes with a cliff-side bar ideal for taking in sunsets. Rexy Tomlinson established the joint in 1978.

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On The Rocks

On The Rocks (noon\midnight daily) is an interesting bar with what looks like a drive-in movie theater in its parking lot. Movies are played nightly (free admission), and popcorn and ice cream are served. Inexpensive drinks in a vibesy setting close to the water's edge make this a good place to down a mid-evening drink before hitting the clubs.

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