Cherry Gardens Great House

Moon Author's Review

Cherry Gardens Great House  was built by Scottish Planter Joseph Gordon, father of national hero George William Gordon, who was born to a quadroon slave in humble quarters next to the main house. George William Gordon went on to become a successful mulatto businessman who agitated for civil rights until he was executed for taking a stand. A drive up through Cherry Gardens gives a glimpse into Uptown, with concrete mansions covering the landscape. Cherry Gardens Great House is a breath of fresh air amongst monstrosities seemingly built with no regard for the surrounding environment. The great house itself is an architectural masterpiece, where louvered windows keep the inside dark and cool while allowing the breeze to move freely through. Though the house is not open to the public, the owners, Oliver Jones and family, are friendly enough and don't mind people stopping by for a look at the outside.

T: +1 (212) 203-0064
46 Upper Russell Heights cherry Garden


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