The Land

Jamaica enjoys widely varied topography for its small size, ranging from tropical montane regions in the Blue and John Crow Mountains to temperate areas at the higher elevations of Manchester, to lush tropical coastline along much of the coast to near-desert conditions south of the Santa Cruz Mounta... More on The Land

Flora and Fauna

In terms of native biodiversity, Jamaica is surpassed in the Caribbean only by Cuba, a country many times its size. What's more, Jamaica has an extremely high rate of endemism, both in plant and animal life. Perhaps most noticeable are the endemic birds, some of the most striking of which are hard t... More on Flora and Fauna

Responsible Tourism

The most important thing to remember in any visit to a foreign country is that your dollar is your most substantive demonstration of support. Jamaica is an expensive place to live by any measure, and foreign currency is the chief economic driver. The benefit, or lack thereof, that tourism brings to... More on Responsible Tourism


EARLY INHABITANTS AND SPANISH DISCOVERY Jamaica was first inhabited by the Tainos, sometimes referred to as Arawaks, who arrived from the northern coast of South America in dugout canoes around A.D. 900. The Tainos practiced subsistence agriculture to complement hunting, fishing, and foraging activi... More on History

Government and Economy

Government and Economy

People and Culture

Jamaica's national motto, "Out of many, one people," reflects the tolerance and appreciation for diversity promulgated from an institutional level. Meanwhile individuals and communities comprising Jamaica's myriad ethnic groups keep old prejudices and stereotypes very much alive, usually without the... More on People and Culture

The Arts

MUSICAL HERITAGE Music has been an integral element of Jamaican society for centuries--from use of song on the plantation to mitigate the torturous work, to funeral rituals that combine Christian and African elements in the traditional nine nights. Most of the instruments used in Jamaica have been b... More on The Arts


The sporting arena has provided many achievements that have been etched in the hearts of Jamaicans and become a part of the country's national identity.