Miss T's Kitchen

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Miss T's Kitchen (US$8-36) offers scrumptious homestyle Jamaican food in the heart of Ocho Rios. Located on an unassuming lane opposite Ochi's open-air market, restauranteur Anna Kay Tomlinson, affectionaly known as Miss T, created a cozy ambiance that pays homage to the typical Jamaican zinc roofed board house and singular stylings of the island. Colorful paintings, vintage Marley photos, hanging gourd and wicker lamps and musical instruments adorn the walls. Starters include tasty innovations on Jamaican classics like stamp-and-go (saltfish fritters) spiced up with fresh herbs and served with a Thai chili sauce, crab backs paired with fruit salsa and oxtail sliders served on mini cocoa bread, as well as curried ackee served on fried bammy with fruit chutney, dubbed "Jah Know". For a spicy take on ceviche, try the "Pick-up Saltfish", pickled in vinegar with onion and Scotch bonnet pepper and served with water crackers. Main courses from "Unda the Sea" include lobster, shrimp, sliced and whole fish, served steamed, in garlic sauce, brown stew or coconut rundown. The creamy coconut curry lobster served in the shell with sides of rice and peas and steamed veggies is guaranteed to satisfy. "Yardie Favorites" like bar-b-fried chicken or trout, curried goat and jerk chicken are topped only by the signature house dish, Miss T's Famous Oxtail; the mouthwatering meat is simmered with butter beans, spinners and carrot falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. For vegetarians, there's Chickpea Stack, curried in coconut milk with ripe plantain, "Vegetable Rundown", with pumpkin, greens and plaintain simmered in coconut sauce, or Veggie Balls. On the lighter side, there are also burgers and wraps. Wash it all down with fresh-squeezed limeade or a cold Red Stripe and you'll be ready for dessert.


| $$$
T: +1 876 795 0099
misstskitchen@gmail.com www.misstskitchen.com
65 Main St.
Ocho Rios, St. Ann

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