The Milk River Baths

Moon Author's Review

The Milk River Baths (7 a.m.\9 p.m daily, US$4 per 15 minutes for adults, US$2 children 10 and under), located at the hotel, are spring fed with lukewarm water. A bath can be enjoyed whether or not you're staying at the hotel. For curative purposes, a minimum of three baths is recommended, but it is not advisable to stay in the water for longer than an hour because the water is highly radioactive--more so even than the springs at Vichy in France. To get to Milk River, turn south at the roundabout in Toll Gate before reaching Clarendon Park, heading west from May Pen. Continue straight from Toll Gate without turning off until reaching the hotel on the right. Keep heading south in Rest, instead of turning east along the B12 toward Alligator Pond in St. Elizabeth.


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