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Adrenaline Junkie's Fix

For adventure travelers looking to jump from one adrenaline rush to the next, Jamaica can satisfy almost any craving.


Kitebarding Jamaica will find you at your hotel and take you to a suitable launch site in the Montego Bay vicinity. Gear is available to rent.


Jamnesia Surf Club, located in Bull Bay, east of Kingston, has professional surfing equipment and respectable surf on a good day. A skateboard park entertains when the seas are flat.

White Water Rafting

While dependent on rainfall conditions, whitewater rafting is possible throughout most of the year on the Great River with Caliche Rainforest Whitewater Rafting, 30 minutes west of Montego Bay in the parish of Hanover.

Cliff Jumping

The most affordable adrenaline fix in Jamaica: cliff jumping on Negril's West End is one thrill you won't have to pay for. There are several locations suitable for jumping into the azure waters, with Rick's Cafe being the most famous for the highest cliffs around at some 60 feet above the water. Other good jump spots at restaurants in Negril include The Sands, LTU Pub & Restaurant, Pushcart Restaurant and Rum Bar, and 3 Dives Jerk Centre. Hotels on the cliffs good for jumping include Xtabi, Rockhouse, and Tensing Pen. Beyond the lighthouse, the waters tend to be less calm as the waves meet the cliffs.

Mountain Biking

While few may be cut out for the ultimate rush of biking down from Blue Mountain Peak, Jamaica offers world class single-track riding the island over. In Ocho Rios, the St. Mary Off- Road Bicycling Association (SMORBA) hosts the annual Fatta Tyre Festival, drawing enthusiasts locally and from abroad. SMORBA is the best resource for those looking to link up with other riders. In Kingston there are a few clans of dedicated road and mountain bikers. Roadsters can contact TKTKTKTK to link for a ride and hardcore mountain bikers can link BikeNutz.